Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday brunch @ Sésame

Monday brunch, 
because yesterday 
was Easter Monday, therfore a Public Holiday. 
No work = brunch 
with a friend. 
And no, it was not 
the one with 
red manicure (see)...

Sésame was a good address, simple, cool. Typical of the Canal Saint-Martin spirit. 
If you don't like it, 
don't go there.
On the menu: 
Home-made smoothie, Kusmi tea, egg, 
bread with jams, 
salads, yummy bagels, 
desserts (nothing special)...

Restaurant Sésame
51, quai de Valmy 
75010 Paris


  1. I like your pics, especially the ones taken in Cambodia. I have been there recently (very briefly) and loved the country and the people.

    Paris is such a wonderful city...

    1. Loved Cambodia as well.
      It really was a pleasure to discover the temples, the people, the food & the country...